Kaiser Gems

Featured ArtistIAN SAUDĒ

“Whether creating a distinctive piece of jewelry, a luxurious accessory or an iconic object, my goal remains the same—to make something of lasting value, something that even the most discriminating individual can’t help but fall in love with. This is my guiding principle. My inspirations come from anywhere—the endless phenomena of the natural world, an ancient artifact or a cutting edge movement in architecture, bohemian street fashion or haute couture.”

At the heart of my creative process remains an unchanging commitment—not to the push and pull of the world of fashion, but to the very essence of design and artistry itself, to cast a penetrating eye on the world as it is, and, with that vivid experience of the present moment as my medium, to reveal and represent the beauty that is always there, but which we sometimes forget to see.

I work with an eye toward creating designs that are beautiful in themselves, but which also enhance my clients’ own natural beauty, respect her intelligence and sophistication, and that enrich her life by supporting her personal evolution and style. But like anything or anyone special, these designs require the right person to appreciate them, to unlock their secrets not in minutes, but over a deep and prolonged association.”